The Mi`gwitetm`81 being unloaded
Snow crab traps being loaded
Ice Conditions 2014

Ice conditions in the gulf are in high density and will determine when some fisheries will...

2014 Fishing season is about to start

We are about to start our 2014 fishing season and here are a few starting dates for the...

The Mi`gwitetm`81 being unloaded
Snow crab traps being loaded
Ice Conditions 2014
2014 Fishing season is about to start

About Us

Listuguj Fisheries is a sector of the Natural Resources Directorate. Our on-shore fisheries office is located in Listuguj Quebec at 44 Dundee Road, G0C 2R0.

Office Ph. # (418) 788-3022

Fax: (418) 788-3058

Some of our home ports are located in the following Gaspe costal areas: Matane, Fox River, New Port, Ste.- Therese, and Carleton

Our fleet ranges in sizes from 38 ft to 85 ft, utilizing fibre-glass over wood and steel vessels to harvest our live and fresh shellfish and groundfish.  We are mainly considered in-shore fisheries however, some vessels can go out as far as 1,000 kms when fishing. 

Listuguj Fisheries boosts a proud and competent fishing personnel, which ranges approximately 60 employees, including office administration, aquaculture, and food fisheries.

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq have been engaged in fisheries since time immemorial and our knowledge of the territory and the wildlife is based on this experience.  Our main strategies include assuming greater control of the fisheries, generating maximum employment opportunities and sustainable fishing practises.

Team Members:

Delphine METALLIC—Assistant Director ~ Commercial Fisheries

Christopher METALLIC—Fisheries Coordinator

Meredith BERNARD—Administrative Assistant / Finance

Our Vision:

We have a vibrant community-owned, diversified fishery. It is an integral part of the culture—affirming our relationships and responsibilities to the water and land. Our fishery sustains our way of life as Mi’gmaq and ensures prosperity in an evolving society while preserving and protecting our fisheries.

Our Mission:

To develop a fair, efficient, and productive fishing sector that will provide jobs, incomes, and significant economic returns for Listuguj on a long-term, sustainable basis; we will protect and conserve fish stocks and habitat as well as train and supervise our fishers so that they conduct their operations safely, responsibly, and productively. In our dealings with other government agencies, with industry partners outside the community and with the marketplace, we will conduct our affairs in a transparent and effective manner for the sole purpose of advancing the interests of our community. We will, in all our deliberations and decision-making, be accountable to our community.

On behalf of the community, we:

a) Ensure that our Mi’gmaq values and teachings are the basis of conservation practices for the fishery;

b)      Manage the community fishery so that it is efficient, effective, and productive;

c)      Advise and assist leadership on the development of fishery negotiations and emergent issues that impact  Aboriginal & Treaty Rights;

d)     Educate our community and others about the fishery and its role in our community and our way of life; and

e)      Develop capacity and opportunities for our fishery.


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